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Thinking of hiring a freelance copywriter? 

Here are some questions I often get asked about my copywriting services

If you haven’t worked with me before, the chances are you’ll naturally have a few questions about my freelance copywriting service.


So that the whole process is clear and helpful, I’ve compiled a list of FAQs and my answers to them. Have a look – and then if there’s anything else you need to know, just email or call.

Frequently asked questions

Which copywriting services do you provide?

I offer all of them actually - from traditional print advertising to online ads, from scripting corporate videos to writing radio commercials, and everything in between. Here’s a bunch of my services, in no particular order:

  • Writing corporate brochures and annual reports; leaflets and magazines; website content
  • writing business sales letters and emails
  • creating social media content and campaigns (facebook, twitter, etc )
  • creating straplines
  • writing press releases
  • developing case studies
  • copywriting for direct mail
  • developing your brand story and tone of voice
  • developing and creating landing page content
  • Writing TV and radio scripts
  • Scripting for corporate and explainer videos
  • product description copywriting

Who have you worked with?

As both a freelance copywriter and agency writer, I've worked with companies big and small. I’ve written road safety commercials for TV and radio in Ireland and the UK. I’ve written for Realtors in Australia and Health Care Providers in the Middle East. I’ve written for restaurants and bars in New York City and upstate New York. In the financial sector, I’ve written about mortgages, savings and retirement planning. I’ve written for solicitors and the makers of beer, whiskey and gin. I’ve written for shopping centres, nursing homes, recruitment agencies and engineering firms. I’ve written for railway companies and car salesmen. I’ve written about sports trainers and car parking. And I’ve written for both a global pharmaceutical giant and the local electrician around the corner. So there’s not really a sector I won’t feel at home in.

Where are you located?

I’m based in Ireland. And like a lot of Irish people, I work with clients all over the world as well as those just down the street.

You're not really that local; will you still be able to work on my project?

Yes indeed. It actually doesn’t matter where you are in the world as most of my work can easily be done remotely. I’m based in Ireland but even in the past year alone have worked on copywriting projects in the US, Australia, the Middle East – and lots more much closer to home in Ireland and the UK. It’s usually more than sufficient to liaise via email, the phone or Skype. But – if you’re close – it’s certainly always good to hook up over a coffee.

Do you know anything about my sector or industry?

I may do. And then again, I may not. But that’s not a barrier to me working with you.

For example, up until five years ago I knew practically zero about copywriting for the Marine Engineering sector. Yet the firm that approached me to work with them then is now one of my best clients and it has gone from success to success in the intervening period. So I’m pretty good at quickly getting to grips with a new industry or sector.

Having said that however, it’s actually quite rarely that something like that comes up as I’ve worked in practically every sector under the sun down through the years. Plus, regardless of the sector your company operates in, the same copywriting and marketing principles generally apply. My job is simply to ensure that you communicate clearly and effectively to your audience and that together we hit the triggers that get people to buy from you.

What is your writing style?

My writing style varies, like that of all good copywriters. The truth is, the style all depends on your brief to me: the nature of your sector, your target audience, the urgency of the message and the tone of voice needed. These are all factored in and then the style of copy more or less writes itself.

In general though, if I had to put a finger on it, my copywriting style tends to be conversational, approachable – and of course effective.

The big question – how much will it cost?

I charge a project fee. Because every project is different, I will assess your job in detail, its scope and the deliverables required. I then calculate the time needed to complete to your full satisfaction. The cost I give you will be the final cost – there will be no add-ons or nasty surprises along the way.

My rates fall into the mid-range bracket - generally a lot less than the bigger ad agencies, but certainly more than you will expect to pay at an online copywriting ‘mill’ where you will generally be charged by the word for an inferior final piece of writing.

My costs include the actual copywriting plus the time I spend researching your project – for example, competitor activity, sectoral trends and so forth. You will get a very thorough job for your money. Get in touch to talk about your project and I’ll happily give you a quick indication of cost.

Do I get more than one draft of the copy for this cost?

Yes, you do. I like to work collaboratively so I will generally deliver four drafts of the copy for you.

First will come an outline approach with clear indications of what way the copy will develop and flow. Once that is approved, I will then begin to write the copy in detail. I will send you this as ‘work in progress’ so that you are happy with the style and tone of voice as the work develops. Draft 3 is the completed copy for your comments and amends based on our agreed approach. The fourth draft is the final document with all your amends taken on board.

I find that this is an effective and appreciated way of working, especially on longer projects such as Annual Reports, Websites, etc. Every step in the process may not be needed on shorter projects.

How long will it take to write my copy?

Everything depends on the scale of the project and my current workload. Generally, I may have up to half a dozen projects on the go at any one time, but some can be fluid to some degree.

It can also depend on the background information you need to supply me with and when you can get all those materials to me.

As an outline indicator, I can generally make time for very short projects that are needed urgently. So we could be talking about a day or two.

Realistically, though, longer projects will of course take more time to turn around.

However, if you wish to talk about a project, I will supply you with a clear and realistic timeframe to meet your deadline.

Do you require a deposit?

If we haven’t worked together previously, I will ask you for a 50% deposit before beginning your copywriting project.

What information do I need to give you?

This is an important part of the process. When we begin working together, I will ask you for as much background as possible. And then I’ll ask you lots of questions on top that so that together we can shape up a solid brief for the project. This is because I want to be thorough right from the start. I often find that a little time spent investigating in this way can throw up several fresh ideas and approaches.

Who will own the copyright to the finished work?

Once the project is completed to your satisfaction and full payment has been made in full, you will own full rights to the work.

OK. I’d like to work with you – what happens next?

The first thing to do is contact me on the telephone number below, or fill out the short email form on my contact page. I’ll get a quick handle on the project and then email you a quote within 24 hours. If you’re happy with the costs, we’ll begin to work up a detailed brief and talk about the timeline for the work. If all that sounds good, you will authorise me to begin the work and I will share the progress with you to ensure you’re completely happy with the way everything is shaping up.

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