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As a freelance copywriter working primarily in Belfast and across Northern Ireland, website copywriting and content is generally the first thing I get asked about. But businesses need a complete range of copywriting services if they are to stay competitive. From frequent blogs to one-off video scripts, or from an extensive range of marketing literature to a powerful advertising campaign - it all begins with the right words.


And if you've got an experienced professional copywriter working alongside your business, you're well on your way to out-smarting your competitors.

SEO Web Content

Writing simple yet compelling copy for the web is an art in itself. It’s important to get the correct balance between the copy that will sell to ‘humans’ and also the SEO copywriting that will satisfy the ‘bots’ for effective search results. And with recent changes across Google, it's more important than ever to avoid the hazard of keyword stuffing and to make your web copy flow naturally while continuing to sell well. My web content writing service has helped many Belfast businesses to gain better sales and increased authority in their sector.

Corporate Brochures & Annual Reports

These items have changed dramatically recently - both in terms of copywriting and design. Yet when sitting down to plan and write their Corporate materials, many companies use the same approach that they've adopted down through the years. Corporate Brochures and Annual Reports now need to have a little more 'pizazz' and impact that ever, with well-crafted copy that conveys the essentials in a tone and style that engages the target audience. Down through the years, I've worked alongside many local Belfast businesses to produce eye-catching brochures that 'sell and tell' in a unique manner.

Writing & Directing Online Videos

Online videos are now an essential marketing tool for progressive businesses. With scores of videos under my belt for Belfast businesses (both standard corporate videos and also 'explainer' videos for new products or processes)  I'll write the script, look after the production, and deliver a polished web video to help you stand out from your competitors. 

Advertising Copy: Press, Outdoor, Radio, TV

The basic premise behind strong, effective advertising is great Creativity. I pride myself on producing ads that stand out as you flick through a magazine or newspaper; billboards that instantly grab you as you drive along; or radio commercials that engage and sell. Whatever the media, I will deliver persuasive copywriting that will help your brand stand out effectively.

Blog Writing & Social Media Content

Your business may have enthusiastically embraced Social Media. But, more often than not, you're too busy running your company to keep things up to date - so your social media becomes neglected. A good copy and content writer will take that burden away from you.

Editorial, Advertorials, Press Releases, Company Newsletters

With several years' background as a Journalist and Features Writer (in London and Belfast), crafting good PR messages comes naturally. Not only do I write the Press Releases, Advertorials or feature articles, but I'll also help you with the ‘fresh visual angle’ that will enable you to stand out in a busy PR environment. If your business needs to make a splash in Northern Ireland media circles, drop me a line.

Writing for Branding & Design

Whatever your 'brand', whatever the look and feel of your business, it sometimes takes a good copywriter to re-invigorate it with the right words and 'tone of voice'. Having worked closely with numerous Belfast Designers over the years, I have all  the experience to shape or freshen your brand with the perfect copywriting.

White Papers 

Progressive businesses are increasingly turning to producing White Papers to establish and maintain their reputation for excellence and innovation. Writing White Papers is a skilled job for an experienced copywriter and demands close liaison with the innovators within the company. I produce polished White Papers that  are clear, compelling and will enhance the thought leadership of your company.

Proofreading & Copy Editing

Companies who produce their own large documents will need an experienced Proofreader and Copy Editor to ensure they are published with no embarrassing errors. As a qualified Proofreader and Copy-Editor, I can help you maintain accuracy and a consistent style.

Sales Letters & Direct Mail Letters

Sometimes, nothing beats simplicity. Take a well-written Direct Mail Letter – it’s where a seasoned copywriter who understands the market can make the perfect pitch and build an overwhelming case for your product.

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