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Brian O'Friel: Copywriter & Content Creator,  Ireland & UK

As a professional freelance copywriter for over 20 years, I've worked with an extensive range of clients - across the UK, Ireland and often in the US, Australia and the Middle East. 


Different sizes of business, different needs, different styles, different tones of voice.


I've produced copy and campaigns for all sorts of businesses...

From a Danish bank to an Irish beer. From an English shopping mall to a Dublin hotel. And from UK road safety ads to the Audi Dealers of Canada.

Some of them needed 'traditional' copywriting services, while others wanted SEO copy/analysis, blog writing, or Content Creation.


And while no two projects are ever exactly alike, it's always the same result: effective, eye-catching copywriting and content for websites, brochures, white papers or social media. Here's some of the names I've worked with.

jameson logo on copywriter belfast northern irelandwebsite
pickles logo.jpeg
hilden logo.jfif on copywriter belfast website
citroen logo.png
deloitte logo.png on copywriter belfast website
Danske_Bank_logo 2.png on copywriter belfast website
bt logo 2.png
galen logo.png on copywriter belfast website
audi logo.jpg on copywriter belfast website
pwc logo 2.png
Clarendon logo.jfif
iti logo.png on copywriter belfast website
m shop logo.png
almac logo.png
cancer focus logo.jfif on copywriter belfast website
aware logo.png
BlueBuild logo.webp
linen green logo.png
frenchgate logo.jfif
irish mirror logo.png on copywriter dublin website
Smiley Monroe logo.jfif
beacon logo.jpg on copywriter dublin website
nitec logo.jpg
pink logo.jpg

Looking for a Copywriter / Content Writer? 
Whatever your business, wherever you're based,
get in touch.

If you'd like to hire a Freelance Copywriter in the UK or Ireland - please get in touch. I'd be delighted to talk about any projects you're planning and how I can help.

Drop me a quick line and I'll get straight back to you.

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