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Chasing Google’s Changes? A Belfast Web Copywriter explains

Every so often, I hear people online ‘Gerning’ about the Great God Above – otherwise known as Google.

A website copywriter plans approach

And this gerning, of course, is most frequently heard in the days following yet another Algorithm update from the guys in Google HQ.

Here in Northern Ireland, these updates are generally known as ‘moving the ****** goalposts - again!!’

Yes indeed, Google’s frequent algorithm updates can certainly feel like a moving target, but the message from Google HQ is that they are merely designed to ‘enhance user experience by delivering the most relevant and high-quality content’.

But tell that to the odd punter whose website has maybe just fallen foul of the dreaded new algorithm and has sunk away down the rankings almost overnight. It has certainly been known to happen to those businesses who have been trying to trick the Google systems – never a good idea.

Stay ahead of the curve

As a Belfast website copywriter, I've never had that happen to myself or my clients.

But given what we know about Google reboots to date, keeping your website relevant definitely needs to be an ongoing task.

In other words, don’t simply try to outsmart the current algorithm. Staying ahead of the curve is now more essential than ever to ensure that your site not only engages your audience but also still ranks consistently well in SERPs.

So, these latest Google changes go to emphasise several key aspects that your website copywriter must consider in order that your site stays competitive.

Some Tips

There's a whole listt of things we can say about the last Google update if we go into it in depth but my main takeaways from the recent algorithm change would be these:

Make sure your Copywriter creates High-Quality Content

Content quality still remains a core cornerstone of good SEO. So make sure you address what everyone now calls ‘User Intent’. By that I simply mean clearly understanding what your audience is searching for. So make sure you employ a Copywriter who can expertly carry out keyword research to guide your topics, and then ensure the content genuinely answers user queries.

Regular Updates: Goes without saying really – just keep your content fresh and relevant. Regularly update older posts with new information and insights to keep your copy up to date.

Prioritize User Experience (UX): This should always have been the case, of course, but the Great God Google now seems to be making a ‘thing’ of it. So make sure your Copywriter writes in a clear, concise manner that your target audience can easily understand. Don’t go all ‘War & Peace’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’ – just use short paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings to break up the text. And cut out all unnecessary jargon while you’re at it! Common sense, really.

Don’t forget the techie stuff: Your copywriter won’t always be able to help you in this regard but remember basics like relevant back links, optimizing for mobile, utilizing structured data, and embracing voice search.

Summing up...

Remember, the ultimate goal of Google’s algorithms is to connect users with the content that best meets their needs. So by getting your website Copywriter to employ user-centric strategies, you can begin to stay ahead of all these pesky algorithm changes and ensure your website copy remains impactful and effective.

It’ll lead to a lot less gerning in future! And that'll make this Belfast Web Copywriter a much happier chap.

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