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Web Copy & Content writing that Convinces & Converts

When the internet was younger, it used to be said that your website is your 'online shop window'. Now it's also the entire personality of your business. And good website copywriting is what makes it work. But - you've only got an average of 6 seconds to convince visitors to actually stay on your website. That's why it's so crucial to have a well-written and well-structured site - one with enough engaging and persuasive website content to actually make your readers stick around. Natalie Canavor – a leading US business writer – says: “Never ignore the value of good writing. It’s the heart of every website. Studies show that while visuals entice and entertain, most visitors value the words far more.” SEO & Keywords Increasingly, this is an area that needs more and more careful consideration on your website. There's the need to carefully research the right keywords (both short and longtail) so as to produce effective SEO web copywriting and metadata that will also beguile those little Google bots that forever scan and rank your website. That's why it's important to stay in Google's good books. Make your website readable, of course - but make it 'scannable' too It should also be remembered that reading online is a whole different kettle of fish from reading a printed page. That means that visitors to your website are initially more inclined to scan rather than pore over every word. So, you’ll need to give them enough info on their quick scan to encourage them to read in more detail rather than click away to a competitor’s website. Why hire me as your website copywriter? As a specialist freelance website copywriter and content creator, I can combine all of the above into a website copywriting service that keeps all three main parties happy with the result – you, your customers, and those little bots at Google. My Website Copywriting Service Here’s what you get:

  • To get the ball rolling, we’ll have a good chat about the project you have in mind.

  • I'll then write up a more detailed scope for you to check. I'll also give you a nailed-on price for the job, from start to finish.

  • Apart from the actual copywriting, my time will include researching both your sector and the most appropriate keywords for your unique website.

  • As with all of my projects, I include up to two rounds of copy revisions and tweaks.

Ready to chat about your web copywriting needs? Drop me a quick email and I'll get straight back to you.

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